Klockan är halv 4 och precis som Navid Modiri blir jag "sentimental så fort som det blir morgon eller natt."
Jag har därför suttit i snart 2 timmar och läst på en sida som heter givesmehope(GMH) med gråten i halsen och verkligen återfått hoppet på världen. Jisses vad fint folk den besitter.

"I was at the airport and soldiers were boarding a plane to Iraq.

A little boy, about five, went up to one of the men and said, "When you're over seas, can you tell my mom I love her?
She's in the army like you, but daddy said she's not coming home, so can you tell her for me?"

His love GMH"

"I am a teacher for second graders.

This past week we've been learning about facts and opinions.
I said the statement "You are beautiful." A little girl raised her hand and said it was a fact.
When I told her no she said, "Everybody is beautiful. No matter what, they are beautiful."

Little kids like that GMH."

"My girlfriend and I were in the drive thru of a restaurant when we saw a homeless man begging for food.

As soon as we got our food she asked me to pull over and she gave the homeless man her meal.

When I asked her why she did that she simply said, " I can go home and eat a sandwich, he can't."

Her compassion for others GMH"



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